Love your leftovers

Of the food wasted in the average Australian household, 27 percent of it is leftovers. To make the most of the resources used to grow, process, package and transport your food, it really should be eaten by humans. Giving scraps to chooks, worms or your compost reduces waste to landfill and emissions, but wherever possible, food grown for human consumption should be eaten by humans.

Plan ahead

We love the idea of planning meals. It can lead to a more balanced diet, a lower grocery bill and less family members asking ‘What’s for dinner?’ Put a meal idea against each night of the week and make the plan available to your family. Life doesn’t always go to plan. So plan for that. Schedule a ‘no-meal-plan-night’ each week. This could be the night your mother-in-law invites you to dinner or the night you decide to get take-away. If no other plans pop up, this is the night to love your leftovers. Eat from the fridge, pantry and freezer, be inventive and re-invent your leftovers into something delicious.

Try these recipes

Leftover pumpkin pancakes

Green veggie fritters

Leftover lamb pie

Sweet potato skins

Re-flavour, refresh and re-invent with the Youth Food Movement

Cheeseboard souffle and seasonal salad

Versatile veg soup