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Switch  your thinking delivers  free monthly energy efficiency tips via SMS text message to help you take control of your energy use and electricity bill.

The Switched on Homes  trial found households receiving SMS tips reduced electricity use by six percent.  

This summer, Switch your thinking is building on this project by asking the community to shift non-essential power use during peak electricity demand. Peak demand usually occurs a few times every summer, on very hot summer days between 4pm and 8pm.

Initial research found that up to half of the community were able to decrease their power use at peak times when they received an SMS telling them when to act.

Switch your thinking will send two or three SMS messages this summer prompting volunteers to shift non-essential electricity use, like pool pumps and dishwashers, when the grid is experiencing peak demand. By working collectively, it may be possible to delay or avoid building new infrastructure to supply power during peak demand times.

Click here to register to receive free monthly energy efficiency SMS and volunteer to shift peak load or SMS your first name and postcode to 0409 497 125.

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