Climate clearance


The Climate Clearance encouraged householders to reduce their energy and water use and waste production by offering discounts on environmentally friendly goods and services.

36 local businesses offered discounts on energy efficient and water wise products and services through discount vouchers advertised in the local newspaper.

Discounts were available at a range of suppliers including:

Fridge and freezer seal repairs  Mulch and garden products  Bicycle purchase and servicing  Re-useable bags 
Energy efficient lighting  Waterwise irrigation Exhaust services  Worm farms 
Skylights  Rainwater tanks   Metal recycling
Air-conditioner servicing  Native plants     
Insulation  Water audits     
Energy and water efficient appliances  Energy and water efficient appliances    
Energy efficient windows       
Solar hot water systems      
Shade structures      
Energy efficient air-conditioners      


A total of 323 Climate Clearance vouchers were redeemed over two months and the project resulted in the following savings:

  • 55,000 kilowatt hours per year
  • 21,000 kilograms of waste (mainly scrap metal and green waste)
  • 1,500 kilolitres of water per year
  • $26,000 (first year of operational savings plus voucher incentive amount)