Regional housing retrofit


The Regional Housing Retrofit provided 200 households with a free energy and water Audit from a trained consultant and a 'Retrofit Packs' including:

  • Three compact fluorescent light globes.
  • Shower timer.
  • Energy-smart thermometer.
  • Door snake.
  • Worm farm.


  • 96 percent of participants learnt something new as a result of having the Energy and Water Audit.
  • All participants implemented one or more of the energy or resource saving items in their 'Retrofit Packs'. 
  • 91 percent of participants indicated they had changed their energy or water use behaviour as a result of the Regional Housing Retrofit.

The Regional Housing Retrofit helped reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions by 122 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year whilst helping participating households save an average of $30 per year on their energy bills. Although financial savings averaged across all 200 households were not huge, results of data analysis from Western Power and Alinta Gas indicated that approximately 35 percent of participants saved over $350 per year on their electricity, gas and water bills in the first year following the audits.