Bokashi composting relies on a sawdust inoculated with bacteria that will break down food scraps anaerobically (without oxygen). The process is fast and takes place in a sealed bucket, making it a suitable indoor compost solution for apartment dwellers or those with small gardens.

Our top five tips for effective bokashi composting

  1. Consider a two bucket system. Your scraps will have longer to ferment and will break down quicker in the soil. You’ll also always have an empty bucket ready to go when you’re cooking dinner 
  2. Bokashi could work for you, even if you’re an avid composter. Meat and dairy scraps can be added to your bokashi bin and then once fermented, your bokashi waste can be added into your normal compost
  3. Close the lid of your bokashi bucket tightly at all times. The process will be quicker and less smelly, when not exposed to air
  4. Press down your kitchen scraps in the bucket to remove air. You’ll fit more scraps in the bucket and they will ferment quicker
  5. Think about where you will bury your bokashi waste when your bucket is full. Your scraps are fermenting in the bucket and will break down completely in the soil, releasing nutrients and valuable microbes

Find out more by attending a workshop or visiting Bokashi Composting Australia.
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