You can compost your organic waste in a bin or covered heap. Composting is a great option if you have a bit of space in your yard and want to improve the fertility of your soil.

Our top five tips for effective composting

  1. Choose a bin with minimal aeration holes, sliding doors or hatches. In the Perth climate, your compost will dry out too quickly if exposed to too much air
  2. Find a sunny spot for your compost bin, the process will be faster if your compost is hot
  3. Feed your compost diverse materials (garden prunings, newspaper, kitchen scraps, grass clippings) and keep it moist at all times
  4. Keep fats and oils, meat and dairy out of your compost. They’ll get smelly and attract pests
  5. Your compost is ready when it smells earthy, is dark in colour and of a crumbly consistency

Find out more by attending a workshop or visiting Recycle Right.
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