Switched on living workshops


In total, 134 residents from 118 households attended four one-hour workshops held once a month at a local centre on weekday evening. Participants each received a special Switched on Living workbook.

At each meeting the group worked through a different section of the workbook with the help of a Switch your thinking facilitator. Participants received a home sustainability gift at the conclusion of each workshop such as a compact fluorescent light globe, water saving showerhead, tyre pressure gauge, worm farm, shower timer or energy-smart thermometer

The workshops focused on:

  • Transport.
  • Water heating, refrigeration and laundry.
  • Home heating and cooling, lighting, cooking, and appliances.
  • Waste, gardening, building and buying.


  • All participants learnt something new. 
  • 92 percent of participants changed their energy or water use behaviour as a result of the workshops.
  • All participants implemented one or more of the energy or resource saving incentive gifts distributed through the project.
  • 92 percent of participants noticed a decrease in their electricity, gas and water bills.

Switched on Living helped reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions by 250 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year andn helped households save up to $466 per year on their energy, water and transport bills.