Renome reusable cup network

Never carry a reusable cup again? The Renome Reusable Cup Network is a new way to enjoy your coffee on-the-go without trashing the environment!

Renome are establishing a Reusable Cup Network in Western Australia where you can take and return cups from any Renome Partner location. Find a Renome Partner café and pay a $5 refundable deposit to enjoy your coffee in a BPA-free, reusable Renome Cup. You can return the cup to any Renome Partner café to receive your deposit back. Back at the cafe, the cups are washed and ready to be put to work again with the next customer!

Australians throw out an estimated 2.7 million takeaway coffee cups every day, most ending up in landfill after just minutes of use. Even coffee cups branded as recyclable or compostable are often landfill-bound, as a result of improper disposal or the inability of Western Australian waste centres to process them. Renome’s innovative solution let’s you enjoy coffee on the go, without sacrificing convenience or the environment - and you no longer have to remember to bring your own reusable cup with you wherever you go!

Renome cup trial for local cafes

Switch your thinking is partnering with Renome to offer local cafes the opportunity to trial Renome cups in their cafe. Cafes that participate will be provided with a starter pack of 25 Renome cups (free of charge) receive set-up support and provide us valued feedback.

This is a limited time offer, so if you are a café located in the City of Gosnells, City of Armadale or Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and want to join the reusable cup exchange movement fill out the online registration form or contact us for more information.

*Note: Renome is an expansion of the RTRNA Reusable Cup Network, soft launching in the City of Gosnells, City of Armadale and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale regions. Check out or for more details and FAQs about the Reusable Cup Network!