Switched On Business Award

Switch your thinking's Switched On Business Award celebrates sustainability action across local businesses. Businesses in Switch your thinking Council areas are eligible to apply, if you are an everyday business that has taken steps (out of your normal business model) to reduce your carbon footprint and overall environmental footprint. Please see you Terms and Conditions for more information.

If you are a local business (or know of a local business) that has made some impressive steps to reducing your carbon footprint, we'd love to hear from you! Simply contact [email protected] to confirm your elibility (or to nominate a local busuness) and once we have confirmed your eligibility, put together 10 dot points (no more than a page) highlighting the actions that have taken and impact it has had so far. The Switched On Business is awarded twice per year, so it could be you next!

The winning business will receive a framed certificate presented by their local Councillor, e-news article, blog post, and media release to celebrate their achievements across the wider community.