Reduce office overheads

NE: Solutions saved the planet (and a bundle) when they set up their office. They have furbished the office with second hand furniture, not that you’d notice. “You can buy most things secondhand and at saving for the business, like our chairs, desks, rugs and telephones” said NE: Solutions owner Jay Shaw.

It’s not just the office that’s reducing waste, the staff are too! “For Christmas I gave everyone in the office a reusable water bottle. I provided a water filter; it was just so easy to do”, said Jay. This single move has saved an estimated 7,000 plastic water bottles from landfill per year! Jay is a great example of how you can bring co-workers and staff along on your sustainability journey. Staff and clients also enjoy their tea and coffee stored in reused glass jars in a real coffee mug, avoiding throw away single serves and paper cups.