Rehome for a better cause

When NE: Solutions are spring cleaning or helping a client move house, they often come across useable items that are no longer needed. “We dig so much out of the ground and what we put back in it is garbage. At least we can keep the good stuff” said NE: Solutions owner, Jay Shaw. There are great recycling initiatives and needy community organisations that want your unwanted stuff. Why not follow NE: Solutions lead and try:

  • Creating unwanted, unexpired food into food packages for needy citizens
  • Donating unwanted blankets to dog shelters
  • Selling unwanted furniture via facebook or gumtree
  • Giving unwanted but useable items to the needy

Many people are already doing this at home, but don’t take time to follow through in their business. NE: Solutions have shown it absolutely can be done in the business too, so think twice before you send your office supplies to landfill.