Sustainable Schools - WA

Sustainable Schools is a whole-school planning framework for Education for Sustainability (EfS) that has been developed 'by schools, for schools' in conjunction a with a broad range of organisations that provide support for schools within this critical context for teaching and learning. Sustainable Schools WA has informed the development of the Australian Curriculum cross curriculum priority of sustainability and now provides schools with an ideal support mechanism to implement significant components of the Western Australian Curriculum.

Every WA school is engaged in some elements of sustainability/EfS through such areas as utilities management, bushland and dune protection activities, reconciliation and other social (student wellbeing) programs and, as such, can be viewed as being at some point on an 'EfS continuum'. The Sustainable Schools framework can assist schools to broaden their respectice EfS activity in support of a 'culture of sustainability' becoming established within school communities.

The initiative supports:

  • Curriculum development/implementation;
  • Meaningful, action-based learning tasks for students and teachers
  • Access to a range of resources and an expanding support network
  • Opportunities to save money through effective resource management
  • Promotion of schools’ EfS activities
  • Community partnerships and
  • Professional learning and networking opportunities. 

Schools wishing to participate in Sustainable Schools WA are signalling their commitment to the following

  • Working towards a whole-school approach to Education for Sustainability
  • Exploring professional development opportunities for staff that feature the Sustainable Schools WA framework and associated planning tools and processes
  • Developing a broad-based ‘Sustainability Action Plan’ (that incorporates Sustainable Schools WA's three key review, planning and celebration tools)
  • Sharing information with, and supporting other schools and
  • Sharing information with the broader local community.

Visit Sustainable Schools WA for more information.If your school is interested in participating in Sustainable Schools WA, please email Howard Flinders, Project Manager, Sustainability or phone 9402 6259 or complete the registration form.