Waterwise Schools

Starting in 1995, the award winning Waterwise Schools Program has been successfully implemented in more than 550 schools across Western Australia. The Waterwise Schools Program is designed to build student awareness and understanding of water as a significant environmental issue that affects our lives locally, nationally and globally. It brings into focus the issues faced in Western Australia and around the world as countries seek to secure their water future, and gives students opportunities to explore where water comes from, how it is used and how to use it responsibly. 

Waterwise Schools Program highlights:

  • Allows schools to become role models in the community by taking a long-term, whole-of-school, cross-curricular approach to water education
  • Becomes an umbrella under which the whole school works towards a common purpose, while undertaking different water related activities
  • Assists teachers to develop student learning outcomes that tackle real-world issues
  • Generates positive publicity for the school
  • Teaches children appropriate behaviour patterns that are necessary for the future
  • Vehicle to help schools with water management issues, such as reducing their water consumption
  • Major partner in the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative

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