Students constructed an upcycled vertical garden from milk bottles donated by staff. This simple action attracted the attention of local businesses that donated raised garden beds, soil, seedlings and mulch to help the College achieve its gardening goals.

Teachers at the College had learned from the experience of other schools that student buy-in and instant rewards were key to the success of a school garden and efforts were focussed on engaging as many students as possible. Crops that could be harvested quickly, like beans, were planted first, to ensure engagement. Students enjoyed snacking on freshly picked beans at recess and lunch.

The College supported the garden financially but donations including bath tubs, cash, succulents, grass trees and coffee grounds continued to roll in. As well as food gardens, students and staff also established a native garden and made bird feeders from used plastic bottles to attract local wildlife.

Future plans for the garden include the installation of PVC totem poles painted with flags that represent the multicultural student body and a sensory garden.