Gilmore College is serious about reducing waste.

Each classroom is equipped with a paper recycling bin and a team of dedicated students collect recycling and deposit it in the recycling skip bin each week. The design and technology department fashioned a compost bin from a wheelie bin that’s now used to compost food scraps from the canteen, classrooms and student lunches.

Other waste actions include:

  • Switched to 100 per cent recycled copy paper, with plans to switch to recycled toilet paper 
  • Change the default of school printers to double sided
  • Trialling digital reporting instead of printing hundreds of paper reports
  • Banning plastic straws
  • Staff now bring their own plates to Friday’s morning tea to reduce single use plastic
  • Fitting bottle fillers at drink fountains
  • Conducted a Waste Wise waste audit and the school has since become a Waste Wise School