Jarrahdale Primary schools is a Waste Wise School and have implemented a number of waste reduction initiatives that have significantly reduced the amount of waste the school sends to landfill.


The school keeps a small flock of chickens that are fed organic waste from the veggie patch, school kitchen and lunch scraps. The chickens also provide eggs for the kitchen and manure for the garden, demonstrating nutrient cycling. Room three created ‘chook procedure posters’ setting out a list of instructions for the care of the chickens.


An old fridge has been upcycled into a worm farm. Students collect food scraps for the worms and use the worm tea to fertilise the veggie gardens. The gardens also boast compost bins that are fed by organic waste collected through the four bin system.

Four bin system

This system consists of a set of four bins:

• Blue bin for paper,

• Yellow bin for recycling,

• Green bin for organic food scraps (for chickens, worms and compost),

• Red bin for landfill.

Students learn what to put in the bins as part of the waste component of Earth Aware. Student leaders monitor the bins at recess and lunch to remind their friends what goes where. The school weighs the contents of each bin periodically to track the amount and types of waste they are producing.

Nude Food Days

Jarrahdale Primary School hosts Nude Food Days encouraging students to bring lunches that do not include single use packaging. Students and parents learn about nutritious and waste free lunch options though in-school cooking classes, school newsletters and evening and weekend community workshops.