Paper recycling

Thornlie Senior High School recently became a Waste Wise accredited school. To help earn this accreditation students and staff conducted a school-wide waste audit. Rubbish bins were collected at the end of lunch and emptied on to a big sheet of plastic. Waste was sorted into different types, weighed and items routinely thrown away at the school were identified.

Waste Wise accreditation made the school eligible to apply for funding to establish a series of worm farms. Thornlie Senior High School now boasts paper recycling bins dotted around the school. Students regularly empty the bins into a paper recycling skip bin that has replaced one of the school’s general waste collection bins, significantly reducing the amount of waste the school is sending to landfill.

The mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle and compost” are incorporated into everyday activities and the school has a Waste Wise policy that outlines current activities and future directions and goals.