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**Open until 6 November!**

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Young people will solve problems and put their creativity to the test in this exciting initiative that challenges you to reuse, repurpose and upcycle before throwing away. Enter now, before 6 November 2020!

Quick Facts
What: Free, project based sustainability re-use challenge
When: Submissions close Friday 6 November 2020
Who: Individuals, schools, early learning centres and community groups in WA. Inventors must be aged 18 years and under.
Why: Get young people thinking differently about waste. Winners share in $2,000 of sustainability prizes.
How: Enter here

The 2020 Young Re-inventor of the Year theme is Future Food!  The food we eat has many environmental impacts, from the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming and shipping, to plastic packaging and wasting uneaten food. How we grow, eat and dispose of food waste will need to be very different in the future if we are going to look after our environment and conserve this precious resource.

COVID-19 challenges us to rethink our relationship with food, when we self-isolate we can’t run down the supermarket and there is less food on the shelves. How can we stretch our precious food further? What new skills can we learn which allow us to grow, cook and recycle food in a sustainable (and delicious) way? How can we use our new skills to look after our planet once things go back to normal? Exploring these questions is what this year’s Young Re-inventor of the Year is all about.

We challenge you to re-invent or create something which reflects what sustainable food might look like now and in the future. Create a new recipe using vegetable scraps or leftovers, make an upcycled worm farm, grow a food garden with homemade compost or create an ingenious way of storing food. Use waste from home or school to be resourceful and creative!  

Share in $2,000 of sustainability prizes. Prize winners will receive a sustainability pack tailored to help them and/or their school to become more sustainable.

See project ideas and home school resources here

Young re-inventor of the year can link to outcomes in Science, Arts, Technologies and Human Society and its Environment and is a great learning activity for kids at home in self-isolation.  See links to the Western Australian curriculum.

How to enter

1. Register your details for resources, ideas and reminders. 

2. Complete your Future food re-invention.

3. Submit your entry by the extended deadline, Friday 6 November 2020. Your submission should include two photos of your invention along with a brief description (250 words maximum) of who made it and why.

Registering means you will receive our monthly e-newsletter with ideas, tips and reminders to submit your entry. You can also Like our Facebook page to get more ideas and resources.

Entries are accepted from West Australian individuals, community groups, early learning centres and schools in two categories:

1. Early years – Year 6

2. Years 7–12

Entries will be judged on:

1. Waste reduction – does your invention creatively use items that are routinely thrown away in your school, home or community? Does this invention use minimal new materials?

2. Relation to the 2020 theme (has your submission reinvented something to make your food consumption more sustainable?)

3. Practicality – is your invention useful? Does it suit its purpose?