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Before throwing items away, think about how they could be used to make your home or school more sustainable

Grow food in gumboots

Ditch the plastic and make produce bags from old t-shirts

Improve energy efficiency by making a draft stopper from an old pair of jeans

Humanities and social science

Year 5 – Economics and business

Due to scarcity, choices need to be made about how limited resources are used (e.g. using the land to grow crops or to graze cattle) (ACHEK001)

Year 6 – Economics and business

The impact consumer purchasing decisions can have on a family, the broader community (e.g. purchasing from the local growers' market or a supermarket chain) and the environment (e.g. pollution, waste) (ACHEK010)

Year 7 – Economics and business

Characteristics of entrepreneurs, including the behaviours and skills they bring to their businesses (e.g. establishing a shared vision; and demonstrating initiative, innovation and enterprise (ACHEK019)


Year 8 – Use and influence of science

Solutions to contemporary issues that are found using science and technology, may impact on other areas of society and may involve ethical considerations (ACSHE135)

Year 4 - Chemical sciences

Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use (ACSSU074)

Year 2 – Chemical sciences

Different materials can be combined for a particular purpose (ACSSU031)


Year 1 – Ideas

Exploration of, and experimentation with, the visual elements of shape, colour, line and texture (ACAVAM106)

Exploration of natural and man-made materials to recognise how these materials could be used to create artworks (ACAVAM107)

Year 1 – Production

Creation of original 2D and 3D artworks inspired by personal experiences to display, using a variety of techniques (ACAVAM108)

Year 3 – Production

Reflection of the elements, materials and mediums used to enhance artworks and present an idea to an audience (ACAVAM112)

Year 7 – Inquiry

Ideas and design development for art-making (e.g. brainstorm, mind map, annotation/sketches, media testing) (ACAVAM120)

Design and technology

Pre-primary – Creating solutions by:

Generate and record design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of written or spoken steps

Year 4 – Technologies and society

Ways products, services and environments are designed to meet community needs, including consideration of sustainability (ACTDEK010)

Develop and communicate alternative solutions, and follow design ideas, using annotated diagrams, storyboards and appropriate technical terms

Year 7 – Technologies and society

Competing factors, including social, ethical and sustainability considerations, in the development of technologies (ACTDEK029)

Year 8 – Technologies and society

Social, ethical and sustainability considerations, in the development of technologies and designed solutions, to meet community needs for economic, environmental and social sustainability (ACTDEK029)

Year 9 – Technologies and society

Development of products, services and environments, with consideration of economic, environmental and social sustainability (ACTDEK041)

Year 10 – Technologies and society

Social, ethical and sustainability considerations that impact on designed solutions, complexity of design, and production processes involved (ACTDEK040)

Identify things that are being thrown away routinely in your home, school or community. Find inventive ways to upcycle them into something wearable like clothes or accessories.

Old buttonsmagazines or even credit cards can be used to make jewellery


Use discarded plastic bags to main a rain coat


Make designer dresses out of rubbish


Clothes may not fit you anymore or have gone out of fashion but maybe they just need a little bit of attention to be perfect for someone else

Make a baby girl dress out of a men’s shirt


Upcycle old jeans into an apron


Make hair posies out of used fabric



Clothes can be re-purposed before being thrown away

Make kids play roads out of old jeans

Use old jeans and pyjamas or t-shirts  to make a quilt

Re-purpose baby clothes to make toy creatures

Make hot/cold bags or dog toys from old clothes

Make framed art out of a much loved t-shirt

Make a pouch from a lolly wrappers