Project ideas

Kick off the creativity with this workshop. If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact us.

Attract insects and birds

Bird baths

Instructables bird bath

Thrifted glass lid hanging bird bath

Salvaged chair bird bath

 Upcycled bird bath

Image:Daisy Mae Belle

Bird feeders

DIY bird feeder

Coloured paint can feeders

 Upcycled bird feeder

Image: Erins creative blogspot

Insect hotels

Insect hotel for good bugs

Insect hotel from Instructables

 Insect hotel

Image: Pixabay

Water features

Bowling ball garden water feature

 Bowling ball water feature

Image: Instructables

Frog bog/pond DIY mini pond from old tyre

 Upcycled frog bog

Image: iCreative Ideas




Tire swing

 Tire swing

Image: Instructables



Unique sandpit desk

 Upcycled sandpit desk

Image: Instructables

Nature play

Ten things every child needs in a backyard

 Recycled play

Image: Wilder child



Plant pots

Newspaper pots

Egg carton seedlings

Bathtub container garden

 Newspaper seedling pots


Scarecrow  Scarecrow image

Green walls

Upcycled vertical pallet planter  Green wall




DIY recycled mosaic art

 Mosaic art


Upcycled outdoor furniture

 Upcycled outdoor furniture

Image: Instructables

Installation art

Recycled garden ideas

 Upcycled vertical planter