Project ideas

Kick off the creativity with this workshop. If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact us.

Plastic pirates

Litter art

 Litter art

Image:Earth respect

Toothbrush forest

Image: Time



Image: Washed ashore


Image: ABC

Plastic lids

 Plastic lid curtain

Image: The Crafty Crow

Spinning tops

Image: Creative Jewish Mom

Bottletop dolphin

Image: Bottle top dolphin, Joshua Michel, Young Re-inventor of the Year 2018

Food packaging

 Bowling ball water feature

Image: Tot schooling

Food pouch pencil case


Image: TerraCycle

Bread clip fish

Image: Justin Nicholl, Young Re-inventor of the Year, 2018

 Plastic spoon bugs

Image: Plastic spoon bugs, Craftionary.

Plastic bags

Plastic Fish

Image: Plastic Fish, Calvin Chee, 2018

Plastic bag basket

Image: How-to-recycle