Frequently asked questions

1. How does it work?

You can enter as an individual, a class, school or community group. Two photos and a description of your Future food themed invention need to be submitted by Friday 6 November (extended from 23 October 2020). A panel of independent judges will select overall winners and prizes will be awarded by the end of the school year. 

2. Who can enter?

Entries are now accepted from individuals, schools, early learning centres and community groups across Western Australia.  Entries are invited from young people 18 years and under only.

3. What counts as a submission?

Your submission is dependent on the project you have undertaken. Please see project ideas for examples of different submissions. We are looking for submissions that demonstrate an effort to reuse, repurpose or upcycle used items instead of throwing them away. In 2020, Young re-inventor of the year adopts the theme of Future food, so we are asking you to reinvent something that might have otherwise been thrown away in to something that relates to the sustainable production and consumption of food. If you are not sure if your project qualifies, we are happy to discuss this with you, please contact us.

3. How do I submit my entry? 

You can submit your entry here. There is the ability to submit entries for up to three children within the form. For larger groups please complete this  group submission template here. This document can be saved and uploaded into the group entry section of the entry form. 

4. How do I submit an entry for my school or community group?

It is easy; just get your teacher or group leader to register. We will send them all the information they need to help you on your way. To submit your entry download the group submission template here. Complete the document for all students and submit here. 

4. How do I re-size my photos to meet the maximum file upload limit?

Please resize pictures before including them in your submission so the maximum file upload limit is met. This can easily be done in MS Paint by opening the image, clicking Resize and changing the horizontal pixels to 750. 

5. How are the entries judged?

Entries will be judged on:

  1. Waste reduction – does your invention creatively use items that are routinely thrown away at your school or in your home or community and a minimal amount of new materials?

  2. Relation to the 2020 theme (as your submission reinvented something to make your food consumption more sustainable?)

  3. Practicality – is your invention useful? Does it suit its purpose

6. Where do I get materials from for my re-invention

You are encouraged to make use of items you already have around the house. You could use items you might otherwise put in the bin or recycling. Old clothes, food packaging like milk bottles, boxes, old toy parts etc all make great material for inventions.