Top five tips for cleaning with chemistry

Cleaning with Chemistry handbook

  1. Reduce your use - If you still love your commercial cleaners, consider cutting down the amount you use. You can often clean just as well with half as much – think of all the packaging, chemicals and money you will save.

  2. Ventilate your home - Closing up your home for long periods of time allows pollutants to build up and air quality to decrease. Open windows and doors to allow the fresh air in.

  3. Don’t believe the industry hype -  You don’t need a different cleaning product for every room in your home and more expensive cleaners don’t necessarily do a better job. Think scientifically about the cleaning jobs in your home and the best tools to tackle them.

  4. You can create a healthy home with four every day ingredients - Water, vinegar, bi-carb soda and lemon juice will tackle almost every cleaning job in the average home.

  5.  If you have a cleaning conundrum, a green solution is only a few key strokes away - Join an online community of thousands of people around the world working together to keep clean and healthy homes without chemicals.

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