Switched on bikes

Electric bikes can help you get around and stay fit without the costs and emissions of a car or the traffic congestion – and they are great fun!
An electric bike (e-bike) is similar to a traditional bicycle with the addition of a battery pack and an electric motor that assist the rider’s efforts.
E-bikes can make cycling a more enjoyable and feasible option especially if you:

  • Commute long distances
  • Live in a hilly area
  • Can’t easily pedal a traditional bicycle
  • Enjoy tailwinds but not headwinds

Find out more through the Switch your thinking guide to electric bikes

Switch your thinking guide to electric bikes

Switched on bikes is proudly supported by RAC through their Community Sponsorships program to help promote e-Bikes and power-assisted pedal bicycles as alternative transport options. More than 590,000 cyclists take to WA’s streets and paths every week and RAC thinks that e-Bikes, which take the sweat out of cycling, may help people overcome perceived barriers to using a bike such as distance and time constraints. In 2015 RAC ran an e-Bike trial to showcase the growing importance of ‘personal mobility options’, as well as the broader benefits of cycling in Perth. To find out more visit RAC e-Bike Trial.


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