Designing a garden

Designing your home and garden for all seasons by applying practical permaculture designs to have a beautiful garden, be sustainable and save money on utilities. Presented by GAIA Permaculture.

Smart garden design helps contribute to more comfortable living conditions year round. This workshop covers:

  • Better use of space
  • Understanding our six seasons
  • Permaculture sectors and how energy comes onto the property
  • Knowing your soil and contours of the land
  • Choosing the right plant
  • Water reduction
  • Green waste recycling
  • Urban cooling and bringing back the green
  • Creating habitat
  • Aesthetics and community

This event is brought to you by the Town of Cambridge. 

Event Details

Event Date:
Thursday 6th May, 2021

6:00pm - 9:30pm

Town of Cambridge Admin Centre, Floreat


Registration information:

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