Food and farm fest

The SJ Food & Farm Fest is an interactive festival where people from urban areas can meet people who own peri-urban rural properties and who produce food, products and services that benefit our community. For one low entry fee, for all adults only, the community has the opportunity to participate in a variety of simple fun activities, demonstrations and listen to a number of very talented speakers all designed to raise awareness of the importance of soil health to the health of our plants the animals that eat the plants and ultimately US.

Guest speakers at the 2019 SJ Food & Farm Fest include:

  • Sabrina Hahn from ABC radio’s “Roots and Shoots”
  • Josh Byrne from the ABC’s Gardening Australia.
  • Garry Heady from Beyond Gardens
  • Linda Bonney and Peter Fearns (Fermented Foods)
  • Nancy Scade (Australian Native Nursery)
  • Paula Pownall from GrubsUp (all about growing crickets)
  • Robyn Brown on worm farming and
  • Tanvier talking about permaculture.

There will be a variety of other demonstrations to keep you captivated on the day including watching drones at work; wicking bed demonstrations; Tree Care WA demonstrating tree climbing; WA Team Penning demonstrating ranch sorting, St Johns teaching the principals of CPR. You’ll learn how to de-husk macadamia nuts and the kids can learn how to make a worm farm and take a little one home.

There are great activities for the kids including arts, making musical instruments and making music, face painting, craft activities, camel rides, pony rides, and a petting zoo. There is even a pumpkin rolling competition for both big and little kids.

This year there is a fantastic new school scarecrow competition that you get to vote on to choose the winner.

2019 sees the Alpaca Society and the Waroona Poultry Society holding their breed shows for the first time at the Food and Farm Fest.

There will also be a great variety of stalls to wander about and an excellent range of healthy foods to enjoy, you can sit on a hay bale and munch on your lunch while you listen to a variety of music under the big gazebo or on the hill under the trees.

Event Details

Event Date:
Sunday 5th May, 2019

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Quarry Farm, Whitby


Registration information:

Register online

Additional information:

Visit the SJ Food and Farm Alliance for more information.