How to compost your way to zero food waste

A practical look at how to use all types of compost bins or set up a bay system to compost food and garden waste at home. Robyn is also an expert on solving composting problems!

Presenter Robyn Brown has been a secondary art teacher for many years with a lifelong interest in waste and reusing. She has also been interested in permaculture since its inception in WA in the 1980s and has a large organic garden on her rural property in Serpentine.

In more recent years she has worked as a Waste Education Officer for Rivers Regional Council, helping people to reduce waste and now runs her own business, Waste Is My Resource.

Robyn has a wonderful knack of making things simple, using what you have at hand, and great tips for troubleshooting on our journeys to becoming experienced composters!

Just by attending the workshop you have a chance to win your own compost bin for home.

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Event Date:
Saturday 8th June, 2019

9:30 am - 10:30 am

Kelmscott Community Garden


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