Install solar on a budget

Jason Menzies from Be Sustainable will share practical tips to help you take the leap and install solar in your home. Our goal is to help you create a sustainable sanctuary that doesn't cost the earth.

This session provides advice to help you screen solar companies and compare solar PV systems. You will leave with the confidence to choose the right system for your home. Households use lots of energy to keep us comfortable so that we can do the things we enjoy.

Solar energy is a renewable alternative that has become more affordable. The City is encouraging its residents to install solar power because, once installed, it is free to use and has no greenhouse gas emissions. You will get the best return on installing solar panels if you, or your family, are at home during the day when you can directly use the power from your panels.

Jason will also share practical energy and water saving tips that are relevant for all homes - whether you're in your dream home or renting on a tight budget. This session provides advice that will inspire you to head home and start making changes: - creating micro-climates in your garden - shading from the heat in summer - keeping the warmth in winter - water heating systems

Brought to you by the City of Stirling. 

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Event Date:
Tuesday 19th May, 2020

6:00pm - 7:45pm

Stirling Libraries - Dianella


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Contact the Sustainability Team - [email protected] 08 9205 8555