Living Smart Kwinana

This community sustainability course is generously hosted by the City of Kwinana.

Living Smart is a fun, practical course covering ten topics around sustainable living, educating and motivating adult participants to achieve a smaller ecological footprint and a lower carbon lifestyle. Goal setting on each topic will help you make small or big changes to your homes or habits on a weekly basis. Participants form new connections with like-minded people in the Kwinana area and together motivate and build lasting lifestyle changes for a healthier community.

Course participants meet weekly for seven weeks from May at the Darius Wells Library and Resource Centre. With trained facilitators, a relaxed adult-learning environment, as well as inspiring local field trips to assist participants to learn, share, reflect and act, it’s guaranteed to help shake off the winter doldrums. There is a creche available onsite, so stay-at-home parents, here is your chance to get out, mingle and learn!

The May-June Living Smart course will be co-facilitated by Amy Warne and Anne Velasquez.

Amy has had eight years of professional experience delivering action-based sustainability education to adults across Perth. She brings with her a decade of practical experiences from her contribution to the Hilton Harvest Community Garden Executive Committee and has a strong personal commitment to everyday sustainability practices in her family home, which has several times been open to visitors for Sustainable House Day.

Anne's professional experiences have enabled her to become a skilled communicator and facilitator of enjoyable practical learning. Anne has a background in teaching to both teens and adults and a long-held interest in urban sustainability. She is on the slow but steady journey of making her home and garden more healthy, enjoyable and Earth-friendly. Bee-keeping is her newest learning passion.

Together, Amy and Anne will present a series of engaging learning experiences to stimulate the mind and senses and invigorate sustainable living journeys this winter.

Event Details

Event Date:
Thursday 16th May, 2019 to
Thursday 27th June, 2019

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Ken Jackman Hall, Kwinana

$40 - $80

Registration information:

Register online

Contact Details:

Contact Sarah McCabe on (08) 9439 0243 or [email protected] for more information.

Additional information:

Visit the City of Kwinana for more information.