Lose waste - getting started with zero waste living

Lindsay Miles is a writer and speaker with years of experience living plastic free. 

What is zero waste, and what does it mean to not produce any landfill? Lindsay will share her no-waste journey, and discuss options in Perth to reduce waste by refusing and reusing. Lindsay will talk about simple swaps, the process of change and how to set yourself up for quick wins and building momentum. At the end of the session you'll set a goal to implement in the coming weeks, to create lasting change.

Bring your own cup for a zero waste tea or coffee.


Event Details

Event Date:
Wednesday 12th July, 2017


City of Armadale Offices, Function Room, 7 Orchard Avenue, Armadale

Registration information:

Contact the City of Armadale to register on (08) 9394 5874 or [email protected]