Mandurah Environmental Volunteer Action Committee and climate series

Join us at the Mandurah Environmental Volunteer Action Committee's upcoming bi-monthly meeting and hear from  special guest Aaron Tuckey to learn all about sustainability, climate change and the Anthropocene.

About the presenter:

Originally from Mandurah, Aaron is currently completing postgraduate studies in sustainability science in Sweden. He also works as a researcher at the Climate Change Leadership Node and teaching assistant in sustainability at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Aaron will be presenting his second series " Welcome To The Anthropocene- An introduction to sustainability and climate science"

The Anthropocene ("anthropo" meaning human) is a term used to define the most recent geologic time period in which humans strongly influence our planet and many of its processes.

Join us for two evenings of interactive discussions regarding what consequences this has for sustainability and the climate, what we are currently doing about it and what more can be done. This is an introductory series, so no prior knowledge is necessary.

The talks are sequential so you are encouraged to attend both events. However, if you can't attend the first event, there is no problem in only attending the second event.

Event Details

Event Date:
Thursday 28th February, 2019

4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Tuckey Room, City of Mandurah


Registration information:

Contact the City of Mandurah on (08) 9550 3941 or [email protected] to register.

Additional information:

Visit the City of Mandurah for more information.