Modern Cloth Nappy Workshop - Vincent

FREE event open to City of Vincent residents!

Did you know a baby will go through between 4,000 and 6,000 nappies before they are toilet trained? Disposable nappies cost around $3,000 for just one child while Modern cloth nappies are significantly cheaper and can be used for multiple children.

If you are an eco-conscious parent or wish to save money, modern cloth nappies might be for you. The City of Vincent has teamed up with Switch your Thinking and Kam the Cloth Nappy Guru to provide City of Vincent residents with a subsidised Cloth Nappy Library Program.

Presented by Kam Andrews - engineer, scientist and now “The Nappy Guru” through extensive research and practical experience with her youngest in cloth nappies from birth. Kam will demonstrate different cloth nappies available and explain the benefits of each.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Find out what you need to get started,
  • Touch and feel various styles and brands of cloth nappies
  • Practice fitting nappies on demo dolls
  • Learn how to effectively wash nappies and deal with poo
  • Talk to like-minded parents
  • Get support and tips if you are already using cloth nappies.

Tea and coffee provided!

Tickets are essential to get your personal link to attend

Note: You are able to claim the subsidy if you have attended previous workshops. Please contact the City for further information.

Event Details

Event Date:
Saturday 27th November, 2021

9:30am -11.30am

City of Vincent Library, Leederville


Registration information:

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