Modern Cloth Nappy Workshop

Did you know a baby will go through between 4,000 and 6,000 nappies before they are toilet trained?

 Disposable nappies cost around $3,000 for just one child while Modern cloth nappies are significantly cheaper and can be used for multiple children.

If you are an eco-conscious parent or wish to save money, modern cloth nappies might be for you.

Join us for this free, relaxed, family-friendly workshop, and learn about modern cloth nappies from birth to toilet training.

This is a great opportunity to:

  • Find out what you need to get started,
  • Touch and feel various styles and brands of cloth nappies  
  • Practice fitting nappies on demo dolls
  • Learn how to effectively wash nappies and deal with poo
  • Talk to like-minded parents
  • Get support and tips if you are already using cloth nappies

Presented by Kam Andrews - engineer, scientist and now “The Nappy Guru” through extensive research and practical experience with her youngest in cloth nappies from birth.

This project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.


Event Details

Event Date:
Wednesday 26th June, 2019


Kenwick Public Library


Registration information:

Contact Kenwick Public Library on (08) 9397 3099 or email 

Additional information:

Visit the City of Gosnells for more information