Nature know-how: Western Swamp Tortoises

Learn about the Western Swamp Tortoise, one of the most critically endangered tortoises in Australia.


Please note that this is a program for ages 14+, and is a presentation without hands-on activities'. Photographs and videos may be taken of the event.

There are less than 50 adult tortoises living in the wild, in two sites in the Swan Valley: Twin Swamps and Ellen Brook Nature Reserves. Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise group is an initiative of the Threatened Species Network, formed to aid awareness of this reptile, by providing information and educational resources.

Join a representative from the group to learn about Western Swamp Tortoises including their ecology and behaviour, and find out how you can help recovery activities.

Event Details

Event Date:
Thursday 25th November, 2021

5:30- 6:30pm

Bullsbrook Public Library - 3 Maroubra Avenue, Bullsbrook


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