Pool Cover Drop Off Day

The Town has joined forces with Green Machines Lab to offer a solution to divert unwanted solar pool cover material [LPDE 4 grade] from landfill waste.

Roll or fold your cover, drive in, drop off and we will do the rest.

Please do not cut your cover into smaller pieces, a large roll is preferred or folded if required for transporting. Remove and dispose of any attachment cords or ropes as well as any eyelets prior to dropping off your cover.

Items that can be dropped off on the day:

  • Solar pool covers
  • Solar blankets
  • Bubble pool covers

Items that will not be accepted on the day:

  • Pool covers other than LPDE 4 solar pool cover
  • Spa covers
  • Thermal covers
  • Mesh pool covers
  • Fabric pool covers

This event is brought to you by the Twon of Cambridge.

Event Details

Event Date:
Sunday 14th March, 2021

10:00am - 2:00pm

Town of Cambridge Admin Centre, Floreat


Contact Details:
Town of Cambridge
Additional information:

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