Roleystone Organic Growers - Reducing waste

At the September Roleystone Organic Growers Meeting Robyn Brown will be presenting on the long and short of recycling, from the things we are pretty sure we are getting right to the things that are a bit left of centre like toothbrushes.

Robyn will give a thorough explanation of what and how many things can be avoided as well as recycled properly.

If you have any queries about recycling Robyn will be able to answer them!

Robyn Brown’s concern for waste has been a lifetime passion that started with her childhood in the country where very little was wasted due to isolation and lack of money! Her parents showed her how to reuse most things and build from recycled materials (although it didn't have that fancy name in the 1960's!)

Brought to you by Roleystone Organic Growers. 

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Event Date:
Wednesday 11th September, 2019


Roleystone Family Centre, 19 Wygonda Rd, Roleystone


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Enquiries to Lisa 9399 2312