Shrinking waste and growing gardens in your school: SE Sustainable Schools network meeting

Join like-minded educators and hear from Robyn Brown of Waste is My Resource.

Robyn is a waste education specialist, with decades of experience shrinking waste, growing gardens and helping schools, businesses and communities do the same.

Through an interactive session, Robyn will provide take away activities and practical tips to start reducing, recycling and composting in your school. Robyn will explore how the waste management in your school is intrinsically linked with your school garden

Afternoon tea is provided.

You will also join a guided tour of Court Grammar School to see how they are achieving great sustainability outcomes.

This meeting is a chance for local primary and high school teachers, as well as early childhood educators, to share ideas about the ways they run their classrooms and services sustainably and how they teach children to care for the environment and people. These meetings occur once per term and we will invite speakers to address sustainability topics that are of most interest to meeting participants.

Event Details

Event Date:
Monday 10th June, 2019

3:45 pm - 5:30 pm

Court Grammar School, Mundijong


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