Soils masterclass

Opportunity for full one day or two day workshops.

Day 1

Increase farm productivity by stacking complimentary enterprises and improving your soil health.

Joel’s summary

Filling up the farm is foundational to economic, ecological, and emotional viability. Adding poultry to cattle or adding grapes to orchard trees, illustrate stacking complementary enterprises. Too often farmers produce only one thing and only consider increased income as a result of expanding that one thing. But diversifying the production portfolio builds resilience, economically and ecologically. Adding additional enterprises is also the gateway to adding salaries from a given land base. A farm team moves the business to successional possibility.

In marketing, offering vegetable customers something like dairy or meat increases customer spending. Joel Salatin will explore all these nuances, including how to add labour without guaranteeing a pay check.

Christine’s summary

Life as we know it would not exist without microbes. But microbes cannot act alone. They behave both competitively and cooperatively by communicating through an array of chemical signals. Further, many actions performed by microbes require that their populations reach a certain critical mass. When there are only a few individuals, their behaviour is different to when there are many. Research into density-dependent coordinated behaviour - termed ‘quorum sensing’ - has increased exponentially in recent years.

The resistance of plant communities to pests and diseases and tolerance to drought, frost and nutrient deficiencies are strongly influenced by both quorum sensing (QS) and quorum quenching (QQ) in the soil microbiome. QS and QQ also help explain how diverse plant communities are able to function more effectively than monocultures. Researchers have long known there's more than physical complementarity involved - but until recently have not been able to explain how the soil microbial community transforms to a coordinated 'super-organism' once a tipping point - or threshold - in microbial populations has been reached.

Farming for success with Joel Salatin

Day 2

Joel Salatin will spend the day with a small group (max 15 people). Each person will be required to make a 10 minute presentation about their property and their plans for the future while high lighting what they perceive to be their ‘weak’ link. Joel will respond helpfully and meaningfully to each presentation.

A dedicated Q and A session plus input from other participants with local knowledge nuances will provide an empowering day for everyone. This event will also provide the opportunity to join a group of like-minded farming individuals who can support each other into the future adventure of regenerative farming.

Event Details

Event Date:
Saturday 18th May, 2019 to
Sunday 19th May, 2019

9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Natural Circle, Jarrahdale

$97 - $377

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