Thinking Green: Fauna habitat creations

Would you like to encourage native wildlife into your garden by providing them with safe shelter? Come along to this hands-on workshop, chock full of ideas to help wildlife set up house in your backyard. Ecologists Mike and Mandy Bamford will provide you with lots of practical tips for creating fauna shelters in your backyard; lizard lounges, bandicoot bungalows, insect hotels, frog bogs and more. Then you’ll work in a group to construct a creature creation.
Each participant will take home a fauna shelter and a small native seedling to help attract wildlife to their place. 
This program will be held in the Guildford Town Hall, next door to the Library. Please note that this is a hands-on workshop for adults and teenagers 14+.
Event Details

Event Date:
Saturday 30th January, 2021

10:00am - 11:30am

Guildford Town Hall, Guildford


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Contact Details:
Guildford Public Library
9207 8880