Thinking Green – We All Live In A Catchment (Ballajura)

Where does water come from and where does it go? Make a catchment model to find out how it all works!
Join Cathy Levett at this interactive session to learn about water quality and catchment processes, dip into trays of pond water to look for insect larvae and other small animals which can be identified using iscope microscopes and charts, and calculate the health of the pond by the types of macroinvertebrates discovered.


Please note that this program is suitable for 8-12yrs, and is a hands on interactive workshop. Photographs and videos may be taken of the event.

In accordance with hygiene requirements, social distancing will be maintained throughout this program and hand sanitizing stations and cleaning products will be available for use.

Please book in as spaces are limited. For all inquiries contact Ballajura Public Library on (08) 9207 8686.

This event is brought to you by the City of Swan.

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Event Date:
Tuesday 18th January, 2022

10:00am - 11:30am

Ballajura Public Library, Ballajura


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Ballajura Public Library