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Study into thermal performance of roof colour

Modern homes use a lot of energy maintaining a comfortable temperature. How can we design and build sustainable modern homes that are comfortable and energy efficient?

We know dark coloured surfaces tend to absorb more heat than light surfaces, but does this apply to roof surfaces? And if so, are houses with light coloured roofs cooler in summer than houses with dark coloured roofs?

Can we make a significant reduction in the costs of running an air conditioner by installing a light coloured roof?

What about outside, is the trend towards dark coloured roofs directly impacting temperatures in our neighbourhoods?

To answer these questions we are conducting a research project to determine whether roof colour makes a difference to the temperature inside a home and to the temperature of the street.

Do you want to build a sustainable home?

A sustainable home will

  • Keep you comfortable in summer and winter
  • Save you money on your energy bills
  • Be environmentally friendly
  • Doesn't have to cost you more than a conventional home

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benefits of building a sustainable home
Temperature in the roof space
Average temperature inside the house
Temperature inside the house Part 2
Inside a bedroom on a 39.8c day

Data summary

This unique project by Switch your thinking provides information, collected in real time, to potential home buyers. Utilising Wi-Fi temperature monitoring, heat mapping and infrared imaging, we’re increasing public awareness of the impact of roof colour and passive solar design.