Saving water at home: 
We know that as Perth’s climate becomes drier and hotter we need to work together to conserve water. But did you know that every drop of water you save:

  1. Reduces pressure on our dwindling water sources ensuring there will be enough now and in the future
  2. Increases the amount of water available for vital natural hydrological and biological functions (humans aren’t the only ones that need water)
  3. Reduces energy use associated with treating and pumping drinking water and waste water
  4. Reduces the need for more water infrastructure, which is costly and uses natural resources.

Rewards for Residents offers discounts on pool covers and rainwater tanks

If this inspires you, try out our top ten tips for saving water at home:  

  1. Discover your water use. Find out where you can save water in your home with the Water Corporation’s ‘Water Use Calculator’. Calculate your water consumption embedded in the products and services you use with The Water Footprint Network.
  2. Borrow a Switch your thinking Water Audit Kit. Kits have been provided to: Armadale, Belmont, Canning, Gosnells, Kalamunda, Mandurah, Melville, Murray, Perth, Serpentine Jarrahdale, South Perth, Stirling and Wanneroo. Check with your local library for more information.
  3. Eliminate waste. Fix leaks around the house. A leaking toilet can waste 25 litres a day or a whopping 9125 litres of water per year. The Water Corporation publishes a list of waterwise plumbers if you need a professional.
  4. Think twice before reaching for the tap. Creative water savings can include one pot meals and running the fan only on your evaporative air conditioner. 
  5. Purchase efficient appliances. Look for products rated three stars or higher by the Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS). Water efficiency information for most second-hand goods can be found with a quick search online.
  6. Dual flush. Use the correct button when flushing the loo. If you don’t have a dual flush toilet, put a sealed plastic water bottle full of water in your cistern – this will save the amount of water in the bottle each time you flush.
  7. Mulch. If you live on the Swan Coastal Plain you probably have sandy soil that lose moisture quickly. Improve your soil by applying five to ten centimetres of mulch. You can shred your own or check with your Council to see if they have a free or discounted mulch service.
  8. Keep it covered. If you have a pool or spa, use a pool blanket. Not only will this reduce water evaporation by up 55 litres per day in summer, it will keep your pool or spa warmer and cleaner. 
  9. Harvest rain water. To make best use of a rain water tank in Perth, you need to either install a tank large enough to store water in winter for use during summer or plumb your tank to your toilet or washing machine. Visit Tankulator and explore how much rainwater you can expect to harvest in your suburb. 
  10. Zone it. Choose drought resistant or native plants and try to group plants with the same water needs together. Water once on your assigned watering day and respect Perth’s winter sprinkler ban between 1 June and 31 August. Check your watering day here.

Interested in doing more? Get bore water smart or consider installing a greywater system! Greywater is used household water from laundry and bathrooms (but not the toilet!). Find out more here.

Bore water is a precious water resource too! Garden bores draw from our limited shallow groundwater and bore water needs to be used conservatively. If you have a garden bore you receive one additional watering day in spring, summer and autumn. Find your watering days here.